About CloudTax

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Nimalan Balachandran is the Founder and CEO of CloudTax, a newly designed web and mobile friendly income-tax filing platform that was specifically designed to allow Canadian non-business taxpayers with minimal knowledge in tax preparation, to file their return at no cost.

This software is certified by the Canada Revenue Agency for the 2018 tax year, as one of the do-it-yourself applications. Unlike some of the free tax products available in the market today,CloudTax has no hidden fees. The software will not insist consumers to provide donations or request any sort of fee to file their taxes. For ease of filing, CloudTax will provide opportunities for taxpayers to connect with local tax experts, if they require personal assistance, at an affordable price.

Balachandran was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 17, due to the Tsunami that affected Sri Lanka in December of 2004. While pursuing postsecondary education in Finance and Accounting at Seneca College, Balachandran began working at the Canada Revenue Agency.His role as a Tax Payer Service Agent at the Canada Revenue Agency and subsequent employment as a Financial Advisor at Sun Life Financial lead Balachandran to start his own tax preparation business. He sought great personal and professional satisfaction from working with all types of clients to improve the ease of the filing process and to help them maximally utilize available tax benefits.

Due to rapid changes in tax rules however, he quickly learned that it was quite hard for an average Canadian to be aware of their rights and the tax advantages that are available to utilize. He also felt that a simple tax return, which typically does not take a lot of time to prepare, should not have a high price point. That is when he decided to build a software that allows simple tax filers to file their taxes from home, free of charge.

His goal was to bring his passion for technology and assisting Canadians minimizing their taxes together, by building a new software that allows Canadian residents to file simple taxes on their own. Moreover, Balachandran wanted to give back to Canada, that allowed newcomers like himself to pursue his passion and provide opportunities for growth.

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