March 30, 2020

Registering for CRA My Account

Do you need to update your direct deposit details? Curious to know when your next Canada Child Benefit payment is arriving? Would you like to know the status of your tax refund?  By registering for CRA My Account, a lot of your questions can be answered. My Account is a secure portal that lets you view your personal income tax… Continue Reading

March 25, 2020

Can you file your tax return without your T4 slip?

Well, yes and no. To file your tax return without your T4 slip, you still need the information from it. So, no, you don’t need the paper, but yes, you do need to know what it says. But what if your employer doesn’t send you one? Or it goes to your old address? Or you lose it? Then what? The… Continue Reading

March 23, 2020

How long does it take to get your tax refund? 

We know that you work hard for your money and for some Canadians, a tax refund may be the biggest check you get all year. If you’re like us, you must be wondering, “Where is my refund?”, once you file your taxes.  According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), if you file your taxes electronically using NETFILE certified programs, such… Continue Reading

March 18, 2020

CRA extends tax filing deadline to June 1 amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

  The uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is being felt across the world and we are facing an unprecedented challenge. Many of us are feeling helpless and scared. The last thing on our minds right now is the tax filing deadline. We have always been here for you and now more than ever, we will continue to be there… Continue Reading

March 16, 2020

CRA Tax Filing Changes for 2020          

The CRA tax filing changes for 2020 shouldn’t keep you up at night. The goal is to keep more of your money by planning before you file. During the tough situation, the CRA is giving Canadians an extra month to file their taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency. Canadian taxpayers will have until June 1, 2020, to submit their tax… Continue Reading

March 6, 2020

Filing Tax Returns on Behalf of Someone Else

Some people do their own taxes. Other people pay a professional to do theirs. Many people trust a friend or family member to do their taxes for them. So, that person is not a professional tax preparer. They are just filing tax returns on behalf of someone else. The NETFILE service from CRA, which is how CloudTax forwards your taxes,… Continue Reading

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