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CloudTax Pro

File your personal taxes with a remote tax expert

A certified tax expert will walk you through your taxes, file from start to finish and ensure you are getting your maximum refund.

the globe and mail

We do your taxes from start to finish

For a first time tax filer like me, CloudTax is easy to use and understand. The GUI also is user friendly. I opted for CloudTax Pro. Advantage? The tax experts, like Nim, explained different benefits that I can opt for which increased my refund almost by $100!!! Thanks!
Canadian tax return

We will help you with CRA's audit

"Cloud Tax was super helpful in ensuring I did my taxes correctly; went through everything and made updates on my behalf as we went along. Also helped submit. I paid $30 to have an expert review my taxes; and they found $500+ deductions that I had not done! So grateful for this easy and efficient process and now my 2020 Taxes are done and submitted."

Highlight level of security

"I did my taxes for 2020 with CloudTax and specifically Pallavi. She is very meticulous and knowledgeable. Thanks to her help, I'll be getting a refund I didn't expect. I highly recommend the company to anyone who needs to file a tax return in Canada."

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How CloudTax Pro works

Book a call based on your schedule

You can choose to do either a phone-call or video-call with your tax expert. We will email you with the necessary information that is required for the call.

Speak to your tax expert

All you have to do is show up. Your tax expert will collect your data directly from CRA, with your authorization. Your tax expert will discuss your tax scenario with you and answer any questions you may have.

Tax expert will file your return directly to CRA

As long as you have all the necessary information, your tax expert will file your tax return on the same day. It’s that easy!

Pick the right option for you

For simple or complex returns


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Premium support & industry specific deductions


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I highly recommend CloudTax, it's easy to use, help is always there, customer service is 10/10 and if you’re thinking about trying this platform, don’t think, just go for it!

Tani Sha
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I have always done my own taxes, and done a paper version, and always left it to the last minute because I hated doing them. I decided to try CloudTax, and what a great thing! I can be sure they have been done correctly & it's so simple & straight forward. Love it!

Susan Wickert
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CloudTax helped me immensely this past year with my troubles filing taxes as a self-employed individual for the first time. I highly recommend for anyone to use CloudTax as it is very affordable (or in some cases free) and they do such a fantastic job.

Natasha Prehn
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CloudTax is a game changer! I recommend it to all my friends. I was really overwhelmed with the idea of doing taxes on my own and the government referred me to CloudTax in its first year. I got lots back on my tax return too. Thank you!!!

Holly Turner
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CloudTax were extremely helpful with my tax return - I couldn't be happier with the service and I will definitely be using CloudTax next year. Thank you for easing the huge headache that comes with doing a tax return!

Mia Cuff
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I had the best, hassle-free experience with Cloud Tax. He filed 6 years worth of personal taxes for me within a couple of hours. He was polite, patient, professional and very efficient! I would highly recommend Cloud Tax to anyone who is overwhelmed with their own taxes.

Eischez Sadiq

Have a tax expert file for you

Dedicated tax preparers with several years of tax-filing experience to help you from start to finish.

Simple Tax Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

A tax expert will file your taxes from start to finish, over the phone or web conference, for CloudTax Pro. CloudTax Plus is a do-it-yourself application, and you may ask questions to a tax expert via email, chat or phone support.

$29.99 covers one return. You will be charged afterwards if you need to file for multiple years.

You will only be required to pay once, upon booking an appointment. If you need to file multiple years, the tax expert will let you know upfront about the pricing.

You will have to book a call and the tax expert will connect with you based on the time and day that you select. You are more than welcome to email your tax expert before or after, if you have any questions.

Audit protection is included in all our CloudTax Pro services, at no extra cost. If CRA contacts you for additional clarifications or if you are audited, our team of experts will handle everything.