How do I change my return after it’s been submitted?

How do I change my return after it’s been submitted?

April 7, 2020

Image of someone changing tax return after submittedWe all make mistakes. It’s just best if it isn’t on our taxes. So, if you’ve made an error on your income tax return, you need to fix it. Fortunately, it’s not so hard to change a return after it’s been submitted.

Firstly, don’t start over and just file another return for that year. CRA only accepts one return a year. Wait until you receive your Notice of Assessment (NOA) before you do anything. Then, you can make changes all the way back 10 years. Plus, you can ask for amendments both online and by snail mail. Here are the rules for each, so you know which one to use.

Change my return after it’s been submitted – Online Requests for Amendments

It’s definitely easier to make the request online. First, log in to your CRA My Account. Then, click “Change my return.” But you can’t change:

  • bankruptcy returns
  • tax returns that already have 9 reassessments (starting with the 10th, you have to file on paper and mail it in)
  • returns that have not been assessed yet
  • tax returns before a bankruptcy year
  • carry-back amounts like capital or non-capital losses
  • elected split-pension amounts
  • returns for international or non-resident taxpayers (even for deemed residents, newcomers, and anyone who left Canada that year)
  • returns with income from a business outside your province or territory of residence

See also ‘CRA’s My Account

No personal information

You can’t make changes to your personal information when you ReFILE. Use My Account for changes to your:

  • marital status
  • email address
  • street address
  • direct deposit bank details

Change my return after it’s been submitted – Mail Requests for Amendments

Firstly, complete the T1-ADJ T1 Adjustment Request form. Download the PDF from CRA’s website here. Alternatively, submit a signed letter outlining:

  • Your social insurance number (SIN)
  • The return years
  • Your full address
  • Your daytime telephone number

What are the benefits of using CloudTax to ReFILE your taxes?

  • Quick – You know quickly how much tax you owe, or if you get another refund. Especially as compared to adjustments mailed in on paper
  • Cost-efficient – No postage and no paper
  • Environmentally friendly – Send your adjustments online to save paper
  • Simple and easy – Follow the prompts on CloudTax

Make sure you send all the documents to support the changes. And always include the paperwork from your original assessment. The paperwork gets mailed to the local tax centre nearest you. Check here which office.

Processing Times

Processing times vary at different times of the year. So, expect to wait slightly longer in the spring or early summer. Typical processing times:

  • 8 business days if you place the request online
  • Eight weeks if you place the request by mail

After your review, you receive either:

  • Notice of Reassessmentthat shows the changes to your return
  • a letter that explains why the requested changes do not apply

All in all, if you suddenly realize that you need to change your return after it’s been submitted, follow these instructions. The process is simple and easy when you let CloudTax guide the way.


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